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Click (2006)

Click (2006)
Click, well I must admit, I have a soft spot for Adam Sandler. I have always found him to be an interesting watch, and before my ‘transition’ (watched Avatar and decided to bring justice to the world by telling you what is a good film), Sandler used to be a favourite of mine. Ever since Grown Ups I had lost faith in him, so I thought, I might open up on one of my old favourites. No, Click is not the masterpiece I remember from my younger years, but for Sandler this film is remarkably sad and tear jerking, unfortunately when I first saw this I was expecting a hilarious film. So perhaps Sandler managed to deceive us into watching his almost non-existent ‘emotional’ stuff. This for many is just more Sandler trite, but to be honest I really enjoyed this, although I rarely do it, this is a film I can passively watch.

So the plot is nothing new, its similar to It’s a Wonderful Life, but to a degree. It follows Michael Newman (Adam Sandler, of course) an architect – is it just me or is architect the career of nearly every ‘average family man’? Michael has a lovely family, Donna (Kate Beckinsale!) and his two-cliché children, boy and a girl of course. Oh, let us not forget Sundae, the dog that likes the hump their toy duck. Sandler has the usual problem of juggling family over work, so after a little late night fight, he decides to match those neighbours, which always seem to be better than his family, and get a universal remote. So he stops at Bed, Bath and Beyond for some reason, I mean really is that the best place they could think of for him getting a universal remote? Anyway, Adam goes into the Beyond section and meets Morty (Christopher Walken) where he receives a free universal remote. Yet there is a few strange things happening with this free gift. Soon he discovers he has the power to control time with the remote. Does it get to his head? Will he abuse his newfound ability?

This plot is actually a nice change for Sandler. Although yes it is still a comedy, the whole time travelling thing does have a nice effect. Although in the end, this is not much of a comedy. At the beginning it has funny in parts, but I think it’s just the novelty of the time travel, Sandler was never been genuinely funny, I thinks just his whole relaxed way of acting, which is appealing to some. Therefore, this is not an original film, but really, it is a fresh idea, we have not had a time travelling film like this for a while. Although do not expect nonstop laughs, Click happens to be a very sad film. My father cried in this one, and he is not the type to cry. In addition, this really is just fun to sit down and relax, there is not too much gross out comedy, so I think it is a pleasant viewing for the most parts. Personally, I found quite a few parts quite humours, the main problem for a comedy goer is that about the time we reach the halfway mark, almost all the comedy is lost. It just turns into a cry-fest, but the comedy of the whole film manages to make some of the sad parts, rather over-the-top and cliché, but despite all this, the emotional parts are as effective as you will see in a modern day comedy.

Good Old Christopher

Well like many people out there, they hate Adam Sandler. I am not going to stand here and say he is a great one, but he is not particularly bad. Although his character was nothing new, he does it well and by the end of the film, we know the characters well. The acting is nothing spectacular, but there is nothing wrong with it either. Kate Beckinsale, well I do not really care about her acting, she just has a great ‘presence’. The child actors, well they were pretty bad, but they do not say anything too complex, so they did not destroy the film. The rest of the cast, well I sit here to watch this and get some entertainment, and that is what I got, none of the cast stand out bad. Say all you want about Sandler, in here we end up caring for his character. Of course, we have Walken as well, this may just be my personal opinion, but he has always had such an odd stage presence, I have never really found him to be a comfortable actor to watch. Yet in here, he is still his weird way, but it adds a little extra to this movie, which I do not think anyone else could have done. David Hasselhoff, well let us just say I hate Baywatch...
Oh yes Rob Schneider is in here as well, those cameos they have. I did not even recognise him at first, so do not worry no eye gouging required.  

Kate Beckinsale!!!
Overall, Click is a surprising film. We go into the cinema with expectations of something that will make us laugh, or like many out there, expect to cringe at Sandlers uninteresting and simple comedy. Click also commits money-grossing suicide by advertising itself as a comedy, while being an emotional rollercoaster, which can be a little too much for the average simpleton to fathom. I say just sit down and watch this for entertainment value only. People say watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen for some entertainment, I really do not understand such trite to be ‘entertainment’, but my soft spot for Sandler allows me to enjoy his films; although Grown Ups was a pathetic film, and I cannot wait to sink my teeth into more of his garbage. Click is a decent film, plain and simple. It is not out there and original, but it is not a complete rip-off. We see Kate Beckinsale, it’s just a fun movie, what more do you want? The morale of the story may be nothing new, ye olde ‘Family before Work’, but it is done quite tastefully – in a melodramatic way.  


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