Monday, January 31, 2011

The Room (2003)

The Room (2003)

The Room, ever get that sigh when you see a really bad moment in a film? Be it a good or a bad film, they come across where you cannot complain or criticise it, but just sit back and sigh in disbelief, wondering where they went wrong. One scene in particular was the very last scene in Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut, I always hated that scene and do not think it shouldn't be there. With Donnie Darko I always just sigh, and wished they made the montage scene the last one, cutout Gretchen and the neighbour's talk. Well Tommy Wiseau's The Room has gain a lot of notoriety recently on how bad it is. The reception has really just been almost all negative, apart from the people who think it is so bad it is good, it really is not. That sigh you get when a really bad thing happens in film, I found myself doing that throughout the whole viewing of this travesty of a film. I was speechless, literally speechless on how bad this was. At first it seems like a joke, honestly it was that bad, you think it is a joke. In fact, the slime ball Wiseau, who might I mention is the director/producer/executive producer/writer/I heard did some camera work and the damn main character! As you can tell this guy is already right up himself, and one of the least respectful men in the filming business. He goes out a couple years later after defending it so much as a 'masterpiece' of a drama, is now telling us it is a Black Comedy! Now the fact he is trying to escape this ridiculous work he has given us only further angers me. There is so much wrong with this film, there is almost nothing good about it. One of the worst films I have ever seen.

The plot, follows Johnny (Wiseau) and his 'future wife' Lisa (Juliette Daniele). Really, it is just these two, doing nothing, having slow bloat sex. Then Lisa gets bored and starts an affair with Johnny's best friend Mark (Greg Sestero). So Lisa at first is not happy with him, talks to a few people and tells them how unhappy she is. Eventually she makes the big bang boom with Mark, and yeah it really does nothing interesting.Just generic over-rused plots, like drugs and the usual bore.
"Your tearing me apart Lisa!"
The Room has one of the most poorly made plots I have ever seen. The story and dialogue is some of the worst I have ever seen, and it really is not interesting and makes absolute no sense. It was just unbelievably disgraceful. There were so many plot holes, and dialogue made no sense. An example was during the scene when Johnny came home from work and said he did not get the promotion. They sit down and Lisa asks him if he got the promotion, after he just said he had not. So again, Johnny answers. This was just one of countless times.
The famous scene many know about. Lisa is talking with her mother. Her mother is talking about her life, and she brings up the fact that she has tested positive for breast cancer. Lisa continues as if she said nothing, and so does she. At first, I thought this must just be a little joke, the granny being over-dramatic for a joke, but it really was not. This is just lack of plot development at its worse. I mean at one stage Lisa and Mark were talking about their affair, loudly in the middle of a party, not aside in the hallway, right in the middle of the room where everyone is, with very quiet music. It was just ridiculous. That was all I could say about this abomination of a film and plot.

The acting, The Room had without a doubt the worst acting in filming history. The cast itself was horrible, lower than your horrible slasher film, which was how low the cast was. Then, we get Wiseau, he is the worst actor I have ever seen. Plan 9 From Outer Space had better acting. Even Avatar was better! Wiseau's acting was so pathetic; it honestly seems like a big joke. It is just so loud and out of place, what he says in the most parts makes no sense. His deep emotional heartaches are a laugh fest. The flower scene is a prime example, a sign of a delusional Wiseau. I cannot believe that the acting was filmed, I'm serious, that is how bad it is. I mean the camera crew must have been laughing like crazy. Just a little fun fact, Wiseau changed the whole camera crew twice. Luckily for the rest of the cast Wiseau insisted he be his own main character, so they did not look so bad. The rest of the cast themselves were just a disgrace. While we cannot blame it alone on the actors, that script was the worst out there. In fact, Hollywood refused to make Wiseau's idea, so he did some fundraising to make this, utter piece of...
The actors do not seem to think too differently from me either. Here is a conversation with media and an anonymous member of the cast, "He is a nice guy. But he is full of shit. He was trying to put together a drama. It was basically his stage to show off his acting ability."

The direction, well Wiseau is the most egotistical filmmaker I have come across with in my critiquing. This man has really done nothing, but create a showcase where he can show-off his own 'talents' and put it in the face of other filmmakers how much of a 'great actor' he is, as well as an excellent 'filmmaker'. This guy expected novel deals, he expected this to make theater. He thought this would be regarded as a masterpiece and one of the greatest Dramas. This guy is nothing short of in love with himself. We can tell that by the bloated long sex scene, seemingly just glorifying himself. I mean I know sex scenes set the mood, go slowly; these were not good in the least. They were not arousing, sensual or mysterious; they were just a bunch of pretentious crap highlighting Wiseau's excellence in the bed. Although it looks like he is doing the girl in the damn naval! Trust me, I am a fourteen-year-old boy, I know a good sex scene. This was nothing but self-indulgence, yuck.
The worst of all, the guy has the courage after making this eye gouger, to defend this as a masterpiece, after all this. He gets up and says it is a Black Comedy. If it was an actually Black Comedy, this may actually be ok, not good, but not the worst film ever like it is now. Yet this guy was as serious as Ed Wood was when he made Plan 9 From Outer Space. He really is just taking the easy way out, and putting yourself in your own films! I am completely against that, when I am a director, I may be the guy in the background reading the newspaper, but I would not be the main character, who cannot even act! Even though I could probably act better than Wiseau any day, this guy really is one of the most least respectful people in filmmaking.

So is there any good? Well there actually is a little. Well most 'worst films of all time' are very old and quite dated. Although I believe that films are timeless, aged films that are horrible, just get tedious and boring. Being a modern film, The Room is actually very watchable; it is boring, but never tedious to where you would turn it off. I got quite a few laughs from this one as well, when I was not sighing out of disbelief.

Overall, this film is a desecration of cinema art. Never has such an egotistical self-indulgent filmmaker created such pretentious garbage. I have no respect for this man at all. This film is without one of the worst ever made. The only reason it is not the worst film ever, is due to how watchable it is, Wiseau has made an enjoyable cult film, to watch at your local independent theater, it is a favourite of their midnight shows. This film, in short is just unbelievably bad and unaware of how terrible it is. Wiseau, wake-up, get your head out of your...



  1. I'm going to see Tommy Wiseau present The Room at a screening in Chicago in about 2 weeks. So excited to see this and meet him......!

  2. Yeah I saw some Q&A of him, hes wuite proud...